About Alex Gabriel

Alexis Gabriel is a self-taught home cook and food fanatic living in Paris. Although born and raised in the city, he actually got hooked on food abroad, travelling the world with his parents as a child. As he says, ‘My food memories have no borders’. A self-confessed food geek, Alex loves to experiment in the kitchen and explain the science behind his recipes. In 2014 he launched his YouTube channel Alex French Guy Cooking, offering a fresh and funny perspective on French food. When Jamie Oliver hosted an international competition to find the next YouTube Chef, Alex made a recipe called 30-minute Paris-Bangkok stew, mixing French tradition with world ingredients and using cheats for techniques. He got through to the final and is now a fully fledged member of Jamie’s Food Tube network, sharing recipes and tips with his growing number of subscribers.

For more information about Alex Gabriel, please contact Stuart Cooper.