About Boj

Boj, produced by Pesky Productions, was launched on CBeebies in May 2014.  Boj is a bilby, a protected Australian marsupial.  He burrows from the outback to Giggly Park with his musical Mum and Dad (Pops), voiced by Aussie pop icon Jason Donovan who also sings the theme tune.  Boj loves “creating stuff from other stuff” and his inspired Boj-a-boom ideas help bring friends and families together. Pops sums up Boj perfectly when he sings: “everybody’s different but he digs us all the same!”

Pesky has already signed licensing deals for amusement plush (SEGA), puzzles and craft kits (Paul Lamond Games), magazines (Redan, Kennedy, Immediate) and music (Demon Records). Metrostar will focus initially on retail plush, toys, apparel and book publishing.

Pesky Productions have joined forces with West Midland Safari Park (WMSP) to create a UK home for bilbies – the first ever to leave Australia! Having opened in July 2017, WMSP has created a huge Boj soft play area, shop (stocking Boj licensed products) and café, so that Boj fans can visit the unique bilby and then have fun burrowing about just like their favourite TV character.

For more information about Boj, please contact Claire Potter