About Mira Manek

A former travel writer of Indian heritage, born in the UK, Mira is an important new voice in Indian food and wellness.

Having suffered from digestion issues and become obsessed with dieting, Mira began to look for a healthier way of eating and found it in the traditional vegetarian and vegan recipes of her mother and grandmother, who are from the Gujarati region of India. She has brought these recipes up to date to create lighter, more wholesome Indian dishes. From chilli kick grain bowls and masala grilled aubergines to saffron muesli and brown rice kheer with poached cinnamon apples, Mira’s food is colourful, fragrant and full of flavour.

Mira’s recipes have featured in Stylist, Red Magazine, The Independent, Grazia, Healthy Magazine, Waitrose Magazine and Women’s Health. She has featured on BBC radio and on the BBC Asian Network. Her first book, Saffron Soul was published by Jacqui Small in April 2017.

Mira promotes healthy Indian cooking at venues such as Divertimenti, runs Indian Supper Clubs and Yoga Brunches, for example at Liberty and gives talks to promote healthy eating and wellness.

Based in London, Mira is interested in events and other opportunities around Indian vegetarian food, vegan food and wellness. To discuss, please contact Stuart.