About Suzy’s Zoo

American artist, Suzy Spafford, created the whimsical world of Suzy’s Zoo in 1968 to delight the hearts of young and old and all those in between!

A huge international success, the art-based Suzy’s Zoo has gone on to sell 250 million greeting cards, 1 billion nappies, 7 million books and many other items of clothing, plush, ceramics and more in the US through retailers such as WalMart, Target & Babies R Us. Introduced into Japan’s Plazastyle stores in 2006, it is a top-selling brand for young women, mothers and children.

A huge international success, Suzy’s Zoo boasts:

  • 100 active licensees
  • 2,000 licensed products
  • $150 million average annual global sales!

Launched in 1999, Suzy drew on her own childhood memories and experiences to bring Witzy, a boy baby duck, and his friends Boof, Lulla, Eilie Funt, Teeter & Totter and Patches to life in Little Suzy’s Zoo.

Metrostar has been working with Suzy Spafford since early in 2014 to build a licensing programme for Little Suzy’s Zoo in the United Kingdom. Joanna Sheen (craft based sewing kits) and Iron Gut Publishing (limited edition prints) already have product in the market and with a 26 x 11 minute animated television series pending, Metrostar is seeking to position Little Suzy’s Zoo as a mainstream brand for babies and toddlers.

Metrostar is seeking retailer and licensee partners in: book publishing, apparel, baby products, toys, greetings cards, gifting, bathroom accessories and related categories.

For more information about Suzy’s Zoo, please contact: Claire Potter