About The Pigott Brothers

Matthew (aged 28), Samuel (22) and Edward (25) Pigott were runners-up in the final of 2017’s The Great Family Cooking Showdown on BBC2. Masters of meat and outdoor cookery and influenced by cuisines from all over the world, the Pigotts impressed the judges with their bold flavours and dishes such as Jerk Chicken Kebabs and Flatbreads, Smoked Chilli Pork Tacos with Apple and Avocado Salsa, and Baked Beans with Bubble and Squeak Hash Browns, which judge Georgio Locatelli described as ‘The best cooked breakfast I have ever tasted’.

Originally from Banbury in Oxfordshire and now living in Manchester (Sam), London (Matt) and Birmingham (Ed) the Pigotts meet whenever they can to shop for ingredients and cook elaborate meals together. They specialise in food for sharing and street food, and are particularly interested in Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian cuisines. Dab hands at DIY, they also build their own cooking equipment such as barbecues and rotisseries.

The brothers are currently writing a book of street food recipes for friends and families to share. ‘Food is something that unites people and we like to devise recipes that are great to cook together and eat together. These are dishes with big, bold flavours, which look wonderful and are impossible not to enjoy. We’re also including our stories of growing up, of the big family occasions where the food was so important, and the times when things didn’t always go to plan!’.  For all enquiries contact stuart@metrostarmedia.co.uk.