About Toby’s Travelling Circus

‘Toby’s Travelling Circus’ from Komixx Entertainment, is an animated pre-school series (52 x 10”) and is currently the fourth biggest show* amongst children aged 4-6 on Milkshake!

Toby is a free-spirited 8 year old and the world’s youngest ringmaster! He guides his fun-filled travelling circus on fantastic adventures full of thrills and spills.  Toby and his friends make the impossible possible as they pull out all the stops to put on the greatest show.

Toby’s large character cast, unique circus and fairground setting and engaging stories make him a natural fit with pre-school play and activity. His core target market is boys 3-5 years but Toby is also very popular with girls, offering licensees a great opportunity to market products to both sexes.

The series has been on Milkshake! since 2012 and on Tiny Pop since August 2015.  Its international profile is also very strong with several key global markets, such as Australia, Germany, Italy and the Middle East, already secured. A second series has recently been announced and is likely to launch in 2017.

For more information about Toby’s Travelling Circus, please contact Claire Potter

*Reach, all kids aged 4-6, Milkshake and +1, August 2015