About Wussywat the Clumsy Cat

‘Wussywat the Clumsy Cat’ from Baby Cow Animation, is an animated pre-school series (52 x 5″) for both girls and boys airing twice daily on CBeebies at 9.25 am and 1.26 pm.  It is currently the 5th most watched kid’s programme (Broadcast).

Wussywat follows the slapstick antics of a curious, ever-so-clumsy cat as he discovers new and interesting things through his innocent, uncoordinated clumsiness.  Drawing closely from the observed experiences of a pre-schooler’s first formative steps, Wussywat’s inquisitive have-a-go attitude always affords him a wider understanding of his world and also of those he shares it with.  In every story Wussywat has three clumsy moments that inform a final ingenious revelation, making him at last a very clever cat.

Wussywat is sold to over 50 territories and has had one million downloads on BBC iplayer.  The viewing demographic is 54% boys and 46% girls plus over 100,000 mums!

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